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  • Hi,
    in the lambada theme, I really don’t know why in the post page the right sidebar appears twice

    here is the link


    In other pagessidebar appears once
    could you help me to understand why?

    Second question
    is it possible to have the sidebar also in category?
    I have this one but no sidebar appears

    I’ve configuired both post and pages with sidebar in the globals option.

    Here is an example

    Hm, normally it should work. Do you think you can send us a login for your website, then we can take a look at it. You can send us via mail ( info @ 7theme. n et )

    Anyway I have additional info..
    I solved my first problem
    it seems that if you set “Global post template” option with “right” then “global post sidebar” set with right sidebar the sidebars will appears twice.

    I removed the second option and now it works correctly..
    I think it’s a little bug…because I think the first option specify just the side of sidebar then, the second wich sidebar put into…instead the first one already put the sidebar inside (for pages works correctly)

    Anyway could you help me with my second problem? Why categories doesn’t show sidebar?

    If you still need I could make an account, do you need administration role or could be editor?


    sorry, don’t saw that you mean the category page. The global option is only for the post single templates, for the archive pages there is no option to add a sidebar. But I think we should add an option, we will include this option in the next update for the theme.

    wonderful..thanks for added this as feature

    please in the next release look also in the post global options problem I’ve reported

    Yes, of course

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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