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  • hi there.

    downloaded the latest version of ladies.
    but the zip file seems damaged.

    can anyone assist?



    sorry about that. We zipped and uploaded the file again, can you please try it again? Thank you!

    No problem. The zip file is oke now. But my virusscanner detects malicious software.. ;-/

    I wanted to update this theme, because I have a problem with the working of the person page. I cannot add or delete images wich are attached to this page type. Also the slider in this page does now allow edits. Can you repair this issue as a seperate service? I d like to have an estimate of cost. regards

    I’m not sure what images you cannot change, do you mean the images for the ladies/persons?

    We checked the theme again, there is no security problem. What exactly told your virus scanner? Maybe it’s for the included XML file, but it’s only the demo content of the theme.

    Thank s for the swift reply.

    I installed the theme version 114 allready. Dont know why the scanner alarm went on.

    A Personal page has options.
    In these options one can attach images. And one can edit the slider

    both options do not work.

    could you assist please??

    Ok, that’s strange! Can you send us ( info @ 7theme . net )a link to your website and a login? Then we can check the backend for the problem because normally it’s working without any problem.

    Please! Would you take a peak? 

    hi there. Checked yet?

    Problem isn’t solved yet.

    Hi Jan,

    we removed the screenshot from your post because it’s a public forum and anyone can see your posts.

    We checked your website, the problem is the massive number of plugins you use. You website memory is not big enough to handle all data, i.e. when you save a post. You can try it: deactivate a plugin, i.e. Yoast SEO plugin, try it again and you will see it works. You can do now 2 things: ask your hosting provider to increase the memory (recommended) or reduce the number of plugins (we recommend you also this step, such an enormous number of plugins causes always problems!).

    hi there

    thank you!


    Most of my sites have this amount of plugins, even many more on the same server. Never have a problem whith memory
    I have deactivated all plugins and the theme still wont work.

    So bit mysterious this…


    please don’t write emails AND use the support forum, please use only one of these things!

    We tried it on your website with only one plugin, we deactivated the Yoast SEO plugin and it was working without any problem.

    Most of my sites have this amount of plugins, even many more on the same server. Never have a problem with memory

    Not every plugin cause the same memory usage, it’s always up to the plugins you use. But trust me, we know the problem from other clients, it’s always the memory limit.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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