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  • Hello,
    Its possible to have shortcodes for person category?

    Hi Francisco,

    what shortcode do you need exactly? A list to the person categories? Or only the name of the categories?

    I need to show in homepage a grid of “hostess category”, if i want a general person grid i put [person_grid items=10 columns=5], but i only want category hostess or other.


    you can add >> category=’category_slug’ << to your shortcode to show only persons from a specific category, just replace "category_slug" with the slug of your category, i.e. [person_grid ... category='hostess_girls' ... ]

    Thanks so much. It works fine

    You’re welcome!

    One more.

    When we use search in ladies theme, the reply page template is 3 columns fulwidth. It`s possible to edit this file, to change the template for 3 columns and right sidebar?



    if you know how to work with PHP and WordPress functions, you can edit the file “archive-person.php”, that’s the file for the person search results

    can you please tell me which is the file for the search fields?
    I want to have in search fields “SERVICES” instead of “GENDER.

    Its the file “posttype-person.php” in the folder “7league”, but you can change it normally also in WordPress Admin -> Appearance -> Theme Translation

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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