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  • So I purchased this theme earlier today and sat down to start looking it over. I have been trying to get the navigation menu to show on the site for 2 hours now which is ridiculous! I even uninstalled WordPress and the theme and started over and straight out of the box it doesn’t work. What is wrong with this template?

    I went to appearance -> menu and selected create menu which contained Home Page and Sample Page. I tried hitting the main menu tick box at the bottom of the menu screen and hit save. Nothing happened. Then I noticed that the customize template section now has a navigation option. I went there and selected Menu 1 as the main menu and hit save. In the preview on the right it showed the menu but on the site itself nothing. I exited the customize template menu and then opened it back up and the Menu 1 option was not selected.

    Then I loaded the demo data available from the Mojo site. I saw it created a new menu name Main. I went through all of these same steps and nothing. I tried multiple variations of these steps and nothing works.

    I hope this isn’t what working with this theme is going to be like since I can’t even get the simplest function working. This is for a customer and I can’t afford these kinds of delays.

    I am running on WordPress 3.8.1

    Please let me know what can be done to fix this. Thank you.


    thank you for the purchase and your message.

    I’m sorry for the trouble, but that’s not a problem of the theme, thats a WordPress problem. The reason for the issue is the name of your theme folder, please take a look at the theme folder, I’m sure the theme name is something like that:


    WordPress can’t handle too long theme folder names. Just rename the theme folder to “mytheme” or the themename, than all works.

    If you dont know how to rename the folder (best way is with a ftp software), just let me know it, than we can do it for you.

    Once again: thats not a problem of the theme!

    Thank you, that worked.

    Just a suggestion but you should put tips like this in your documentation that comes with the theme. Maybe at the top under installation.

    Thanks for your quick reply and Happy Friday!

    Yes, you are right, we have to work on the documentation for the theme. Currently working on a big knowledge base for the most important things

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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