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  • Hello,

    Have not be finding it easy to set the newhome theme to how the demo look like. Tried importing the demo data file, also there is now well detailed instruction in the documentation that come with it. Have been buying from Goodlayers.com and their instruction on setting theme to demo look come with a video and well detailed,

    I will appreciate i get a video on how to set the them to demo look instead of paying a whooping 149$ to get this done.


    I’m sorry, but we are not the provider for the “149$ make looks like the demo” service, and please don’t buy it, you can do it yourself.

    As we wrote in our documentation, go to WordPress admin -> Tools -> Import -> WordPress, then choose the .xml file from your local and upload it. Then ( if you want ) check the checkbox for “Import Images”. Please note: Most of the hosting provider are very very slow, so don’t wonder if the import dont work at the first time. Please hit the “F5″ key on your keyboard if your server stop the import, then the import continue. Please note also that in the Newhome” theme are many pictures, if your server is slow you have to repeat this step maybe many times.

    This is not the fault of our theme, this is a problem with the speed of the server / hosting.

    The is no instruction on how to go about making it look like the demo page. All that is here is how to import the xml file which is just the media file that one gets imported from the xml.


    what exactly do you mean? The colors, fonts and backgrounds? I think the theme is not installed proper, normally you dont have to do nothing, all colors, fonts, … a set already if you install the theme. If you want, you can send us ( info @ 7theme . net ) the link to your website, then we can taka a look at it.

    I was able to fix this.

    I was surprise that the theme does on offer drag and drop. one must be able to code to be able to set how your pages looks.

    Ones client that want to be able to do these by themselves will definitely find this hard to do.

    I wish I can request back my money on this.


    we’ve never claimed that the theme has a drag-and-drop-all-and-everything function. Most of the shortcodes are included in the shortcode generator, all the rest you can find in the documentation ( special shortcodes for real estate post type ). You don’t need to know coding to use the theme.

    I have just installed your New Home theme, but I can’t import de XML demo file. It seems to be too bigger for the import tool in WordPress.

    How can I solve this?

    Kind regards

    Hi, can you upload the xml file? Sometimes there are problems with the speed of the server from shared hosting companies, so you have to repeat the import. If you want, you can send us (info@7theme.net) the login for your website and the link, then we can try it for you.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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