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  • Hi,
    First of all I would like to thank you, your support has been great so far.

    I’m experiencing some difficulties with the quick galleries feature. It isn’t very clear in adding or modifying a gallery.

    • 1). In the page editor it doesn’t show all photos, rather a selection of some.
    • 2).It shows some photos added from the media library, however when viewed as a standalone page several photos are large under the gallery. expl: http://vivererestaurant.com.au/wordpress/fullwidth-slider-2/home-gallery/
    • 3). How can I edit an existing gallery?
    • 4). Your instruction document differs from how it works – Running latest WP version

    Im considering a gallery plugin like NextGen Gallery. Will this affect the theme?

    5.) In addition I cannot change the order, seems that quick galleries changes it by random every time I add a photo to the gallery page.


    first of all: NextGen Gallery should not be a problem, I think this plugin works with all themes.


    Normally in the page editor you can’t see the images. The idea behind the Quickgallery feature was a fast way to show some pictures. So we’ve decided to create the Quickgallery. But it’s only a fast solution, if you need a hight professional Gallery with many options and settings, you should better choose a gallery plugin.

    Here is how the Quickgallery works: Create a new page, choose the “Quickgallery” as page template, then upload the pictures for the gallery (Click ‘Add Media’ Button above the editor), and after uploading the images, close the pop up window, publish the page and all is done. Now the template (on front-end) will search for the attached pictures of this page and display them on the page, thats all.

    Editing an existing gallery

    Just go to the page of the gallery ( in WordPress admin ), and click again the ‘Add Media’ button above the editor. Then choose the ‘Uploaded to this page’ option in the dropdown. Then WordPress will show you only the attached images to this page / Quickgallery. Now you can sort them with drag and drop, delete some of the pictures or add new one.

    Thanks for your reply.

    Now it is clear why some images are disappearing and some are placed in the page. I pressed the button to add these. Instead of closing the window. Reason is I tried it with closing the window and didn’t see anything. Therefore pressed the “add to page button”.

    Cool, will try to edit the gallery and will let you know if I have any further questions. Should be fine.

    Ok, great. Let me know if you need our help.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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