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  • hi i m having some problems to load a favicon (.ico ) and a logo
    with the normal upload and than save ( at the bootom left )
    at the end of this procedure
    no logo / no favicon
    may u suggest the correct ….set up


    after clicking the button, is there the url for the favicon and / or the logo in the input fields?

    no it not appear.
    and when i choose a file in the media….and i click on use this ( i can choise the dimension )
    but after that and chosen not remain the url as u asked me..
    and saving ..remains nothing.

    Ok, that’s strange! Do you use plugins? Can you send us the url and a login for your website, then we can take a look at the backend and help you to solve the problem.

    may I write here? .everyone can read it ?
    or there is a support mail to send credentials?



    i have sent u credentials
    via email
    in contact form
    of your web site ( footer page )

    Ok, great. Got the mail, we will have a look at it…

    Found the problem, something preset “Nessuna” as default settings (see screenshot). Please click the button “URL FILE”, then the media popup add the url to the file in the input field.



    same problem
    i have upload 2 logo
    may u take a look
    logo 1 and logo 2 but if i upload normally
    the logo didn t remain after the save button

    even thoung there is the left u set when u choice an image
    remains the problem not updated


    we’ve tested it and it’s working. Please click the “URL File” button, then the popup return the correct url

    so i suppose that my step are not correct when i upload a logo or a picture from the

    unfortunately for me ….i suppose is so difficult to change the icon for logo
    may u set a logo a little bit greater ….is so little difficult to see

    There is no problem, we’ve tested it on different server and it’s working always, also without clicking on the second button. We saw that you’ve installed a lot of plugins. Mostly those problems are caused by plugins. But I think it’s not a problem, you can click the button (see our screenshot), then it’s working without any problem.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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