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  • Hi,

    the text you want to translate is part of the booking plugin, please open the folder “wp-content/plugins/easyreservation/languages/ and search the file “easyreservations.pot”, open it (you can use also a text editor) and translate the text to yours.


    I have this faircar theme for over two months and the theme is amazing! However, I still can not find one thing, that you guys might know. I need to know, how to change main page’s bubbles colours. Could you please help me and tell me, where or how to change these bubbles colours?


    Thanks for your help guys, I really appreciate it!
    Yours sincerelly,

    Upps, look like we forgot to create an option for it. Please go to WP admin -> Appearance -> Theme Options -> General -> Extra CSS Content and add this css code to change the color:

    .header_add_content > div > i {

    Please replace “#ddcc00” in the code above with the color of your choice

    Hello guys,

    Once again I have some questions, that you guys might know how to answer and solve my problems.

    1. As you’ve told me, I’ve tried to change the meanings of these english texts to my language but it didn’t took any effect. I’ll send you a picture, maybe I’m doing something wrong?

    2. Maybe you know which code line or something else I have to delete or change, for not to show the price of the car in it’s page? I’m adding you a picture for better understanding.

    Thanks for your answers,
    I’m very happy about your support forum,
    Yours sincerely,

    1. You dont have to replace the content for “msgid”, please add the translation in “msgstr”, then it should work.

    2. Hm, I’m not sure if you can remove it, because the price calculation is a core function of the plugin.
    You can try to hide it with css. Please add this code in WP admin -> Appearance -> Theme Options -> General -> Extra CSS Content:

    .single_car_price {
    display:none !important;

    Thanks for a fast answer!

    Question number 2 I’ve asked fixed! And I’m very thankful about it!

    However the first question I’ve asked about the translation in “easyreservations.pot” file didn’t worked. For example I’ve changed “please enter correct email” to my language but it still doesn’t take any effect.
    I’m adding you a picture for better understanding:

    Maybe it might be because of my method how I’m renaming these lines? You see, in FTP I rename the .pot file to .txt and then I can edit it without downloading it. When I make some changes I just switch it back from .txt to .pot

    Maybe you guys have some suggestions what might solve my problem?

    Thanks for carrying guys,
    Your sincerelly,

    Hm, strange, normally it have to work. If you want, you can try this software to edit the file, maybe then it’s working:


    Ok thanks for advice, but could you please explain me what and where to donwload and upload? 🙂

    Yours sincerelly,

    please download the language file and open it with poedit, then add your translation and upload it again in the same folder.

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)

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