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  • Hello,

    I really want to buy this faircar theme but it cost some money, so I want to be sure before buying it first. So could you please, answer me, if is it possible to delete the “pickup location” and “return location” sections and leave just “pickup date” and “return date” sections in booking section?

    Yours sincerely,


    yes, of course, it’s possible. You have full control over the booking form. Please let me know if there is anything else you like to know

    Thanks for a fast answer,

    So, I have bought the theme! And it’s amazing! So so many options to choose from and it is so easy to use! Unfortunatelly, I have faced a problem with adding the cars. Whenever I add a new car, it appears on the main page of course, but when I press on the created car, It brings me to the “ERROR 404” page. Could you please help me, how to solve this problem?

    Sorry, if it is difficult to understand my english,

    Yours sincerely,

    Sorry, I don’t understand how, but it fixed itself, by just writing to you! 😀 How could that happened? ? :O

    Hm, I think there was a problem with the permalinks. If this problem occur again, just go to WordPress admin -> Settings -> Permalinks, change to default, save it, then change it again to your custom settings, then it should work again

    Thanks for an advice! Everything works good now, but I’ve faced some other problems:

    1st. I can’t find, how to rename the “book now” section with all these things in it (“name”, “email”, “country” and etc.) because the website I want to create is in the foreign language. Well, I’ve found something familiar, where I think I could change these phrases, but it doesn’t make any effect (I’ve found it at: “ereservation”/settings/forms)

    2nd. I can’t find and I don’t know if it is even possible to make this text dissapear: http://www.part.lt/img/284644af91ade05e09b7454af4c607a4956.png


    1. Normally you can change this in WordPress admin -> Reservation -> Settings -> Form, then choose the “def1” tab above the code editor.

    2. This you can change / remove in WordPress admin -> Appearance -> Theme Options -> Headline Section -> After Content (just remove the shortcode in the textarea)


    Thanks for your help! I very appreciate it! And I really don’t want to bother you but I still need your help. The second advice you’ve gave me in your message worked perfectly! However the first advice didn’t worked. You see, I’ve been already found that “def1” section before your answer and it didn’t made any effect when I’ve changed the text in that sections with codes, which is shown there. I don’t know if maybe I’m doing something wrong?

    Also, I’ve found some more difficulties:

    1st of them is with the “work hours” and “contact” sections in the main page. You see, if there are no icons, then text is fine, but if it has icons, then the text sticks together no matter if they are written in different rows. I’ve added a picture for better understanding:

    2nd is easier for me to explain. I cant find where to rename this “more detais” button. Maybe you know? I’ve also added a picture for better understanding:

    Thanks for fast support you provide, I’m really thankfull for that!
    Oh and also, sorry for my English.


    hm, very strange, we’ve tested this on our server (the booking form) and all is working without any problem. Do you think you can send us (info @ 7theme. n et ) a login for your website, then we can help you to find a solution for the problem.


    The “More details” you can change in the file “sevenleague.po” in the folder “languages”. You can edit the file with this (free) software:


    If you need more information on how to translate WordPress language files, here you can find more information:


    Icon in text

    Looks like the “p” tag is missing on these lines. You can try to swtich to the “text” mode when you edit the page, then wrap each line with a “p” tag, but insert some inline style, else WordPress will remove it again. Example:

    <p style="text-align:left">[icon name='...'] Sunnydays closed</p>

    Thanks for help! I’ve emailed you login details yesterday.

    Also all the explanation about the problems you’ll find in the letter.

    Ok, great, thank you. We will take a look at it

    Hello, sorry for disturbing you guys but I’ve left another letter for your with some questions. Maybe you could answer them?

    Of course, it’s enough if you write us a mail OR a forum post 🙂

    Thanks for your help guys! A lot!

    Now that you’ve fixed these problems my mentioned problems everything works just like a bee flies (that’s Lithuanian expression for very smooth and fluent working :D)

    However, I’ve faced some renaming problems. Could you please help me how to solve them?

    I’ve added 3 pictures for better understanding what I want to rename:




    So, could you please, help me?

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