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  • Hi I want to change the category of the URL.


    Faircar “easy-room” Changing the category name .


    the used plugin add this slug to the URL. Unfortunately there is no option built-in into the plugin to change it. But normally it’s very easy to change, you can add some lines of code to your functions.php file, here is a tutorial:


    unfortunately I can not.

    I can not pay with PayPal because I live in Turkey , unfortunately. How can I get help?

    Thank You.

    Ok, I’ll talk to one from our developer team and try to find a solution, but we have to wait until monday…

    Today is Monday. Is support team can help ?


    code is already written, but we’ve test it again with the theme…

    I did not understand. How will you help me now ?

    We make an update for the theme with an option in the theme options, then you’ll be able to change it easily, but we have to test it before we upload the theme update

    will be updated when?

    Thank you

    We will post it here as soon the update is available

    I hope next time because I’ve been waiting two months . Thank you.

    I hope next time because I’ve been waiting two months

    Your post is from August 18th, one week ago…

    Update is now available, new version is 1.03. Please take a look at WP admin -> Appearance -> Theme Options -> Cars Post Type -> Permalink Slug. Please at here only words without signs like “!” or “#”, i.e. “cars” or “my-cars”


    i am changing the slug like you suggested but i get an 404 error.
    Can you help me with it?

    Fixed that. Just resaved the permalinks and worked fine 🙂

    Ok, perfect, thanks for letting me know

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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