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  • I’ve been using the Faces theme for a client for the past year and they asked if I could do the following, which I see no easy way to do.
    Models and actors each have categories assigned to them. On the typical search page, all first appear and users can use the search bar to find specific actors and models in categories like male, teen fitness, etc.

    The client wishes to create a page on which we ONLY display their premiere talent, which numbers in the hundreds. If I assign a “premiere” category to select talent, how can I get only that category to show on the first visit to a page? Is there a shortcode I can use?

    By the way, I tried using Select only Items from this category: in the custom options group templates area and it didn’t show anything.


    you can do it with the grid shortcode:

    [person_grid number="9" columns="3" category="slug_of_your_category"]

    Please replace “slug_of_your_category” in the shortcode above with the slug of your category.

    For the group template settings we will check it and fix it if there is a problem.

    Thanks for your reply. Can we also add shortcode to make the images display in any way that isn’t the default settings I chose? I don’t wish to change the default for the Person category, as it will completely mess up the other pages I’m using it on.

    With the default grid shortcode it is not possible, only if you know how to code PHP and work with WordPress shortcodes you can create your own shortcode with the needed features.

    Can we add shortcode to make the display render as masonry style? I believe I saw that somewhere when I was setting it up. The layout for person masonry doesn’t work with the category shortcode.

    No shortcode, but a page templage (you can see it in action here: http://web-rockstars.com/faces/?page_id=956).

    Please create a new page and choose “Person Masonry” as page templage, publish it and all is done.

    I tried that previously, but then all categories display and the category selections appear at the top of the page. Don’t want that. I also tried using that layout and then choosing show one category from the layout group, but that didn’t work either.

    How can I get just 1 category to display in the masonry format?

    Page is here: http://www.lookmodelsandactors.com/search-for-a-look-model-2/search-for-premiere-talent-test-page/

    The “group settings” are only for portfolio and blog pages, with the person post type it does not work, maybe we can include that in one of the next updates.

    At the moment it is not possible to show only a special category with the masonry layout, but we try to include it as soon as possible.

    Can this be custom coded? Are the developers willing to do that?


    already done, we uploaded today version 1.02 with the new feature, now you can choose “person category” as “filter” for the template.

    Thanks. During the initial development, I had a coder make some changes and I’m afraid they may get blown out by an update. Can I get someone from your team to make that change for me? Let me know how much $$.

    Ok, no problem, you can use this service:

    Theme Customization Small

    We will add the changes without touching the other files / changes. If you decide to purchase the service, please send us ( info @ 7theme . net ) after the link to your website, a working login and an FTP login (if possible)

    Hmm. I purchased the customization service, but don’t see an area to supply you with the requested info.


    please send us the information via mail: info @ 7theme . net.

    Thank you!

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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