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  • good night

    I have two websites with Hot and Ladies themes. I have a problem. Some models that are on the hot-themed site also want to advertise on the ladies-themed site. I would like to know how to export the category (person) of models from one theme to another without having to re-create the page and export your photos.

    PS: I would also like the procedure to do as opposed to the Ladies themed Hot site.

    Thank You.


    good question, we never did this before. Normally it’s nothing the theme can do for you. The import/export function is part of WordPress, not of the theme. Have you searched already for a plugin that can export/import only certain post types, i.e. the person post type?

    Good Morning

    I already looked for a plugin that does this, but I didn’t find it (if you know any, I accept suggestions). My question was if there was any tool in the theme that did this because there is an option that is available to import the demo content. I soon imagined that there would be some that made this export.

    No, I’m sorry, the demo content import tool works only for the demo content…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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