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  • Hello,

    i get a error alert when i save the theme option on multisite.
    Need help.
    As info: i use trhe theme japaneo



    sorry for the trouble, I think there is a problem with the URL in the Ajax function. Can you please open the file “admin.js” in the folder “7league/script” in the theme, and delete line 251 – 265? This code here:

    			jQuery("body").append("<div id='options_page_load'></div>");
    			var form_data = jQuery(this).serializeArray(); 
    			var to_url = jQuery(this).find("input[name=sendto]").val()+"?page=options-page.php";
    			$.post( to_url, form_data ).error(function() 
        				}).success( function() 
    				return false; 

    Then it should work.

    Thank You for your fast answer 😉

    You’re welcome!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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