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  • Dear all,

    I’m working on the estate-single-default.php page.
    I made a new page and would like now insert it in a new tab, next to the details Tab.
    (the following personal page with args : http://localhost/wordpress/energie/gaz.php?g=11)

    Could you say me the process to do it if possible ?

    Thanks for wour great support.
    Since the beginning, you’re very professional, thanks for that


    Hi Franck,

    we can’t see the website in your post above, it’s a link to your localhost. But you can try this:

    <div id="ocontact-default">
    	<h3><span>Add your title here</span></h3>
     <!-- add your content here -->

    Thanks for your reply .. Indeed it’s my localhost, I wanted to show you the structure of the url (with an argument inside)
    I will try your advice and will revert to you 🙂

    Unfortunately, there is not the good result.

    If I add it : <div id=”ocontact-default”> … I retrieve a new line with one tab.

    I need to add an new tab to an existing line (Details) … the new tab must be on the right of the details tab.


    Thank you for your help

    The same thing that the line with two tabs : Geolocalisation and StreetView 😉

    Ah, ok, now I know what you mean. I have to test some things, then I can post the code. I hope it’s possible without massive changes in the files…

    Thank you for your feed back ..

    Do you have found the source code to add in order two have two tab on the same line ?

    Thanks a lot

    Hi, currently we are working on a solution, but it’s not easy, we have to add a lot of code to the files…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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