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  • Hi,
    Does exist additional documentation on Tycoo, Planco, Phantom themes and how to get it to better understand how it works. Nevertheless it seems to me that I found some bugs.


    no, I’m sorry, there is only the included documentation. The best way to learn and understand how we’ve made all pages and the content is to import the demo content (also included in your download). Of course you can post also here in the support forum, we will help you.

    What bugs do you mean?

    Please find below my comments.
    Themes errors
    I purchase several themes from 7Theme.
    I am trying to implement these new themes on an existing site.


    General Settings:

    Customize WordPress:
    Impossible to select and load any image on Custom Favicon and Custom Logo. The selected image field is still empty.

    Overhead Section :

    Backgroundcolor doesn’t work.

    Header Section :

    Backgroundcolor doesn’t work.

    No parameters work.

    Headline Section :
    No parameters work.

    Main section :
    No parameters work.

    Footer Section :
    however the “Show this Section?” is activated no footer is displayed.

    I stop here the list of problems.


    Using the themes Planco or Phantom I don’t have such problems with the corresponding parameters, even also some of them doesn’t work.
    Definitively the TYCOO theme doesn’t work on the same existing site and server.
    Please could you investigate.
    Thank you.

    May be when I downloaded the themes something goes wrong and I miss some PHP modules.
    I compared list of modules between Phantom, Planco and Tycoo.
    I don’t miss any module between Planco and Tycoo, even Tycoo ha more module or CSS directories. The only difference is on “style” directory where on Tycoo this directory doesn’t exist.

    Concerning the demo I get it in XML format and I dont know how to integrate it on my site to have a look on the corresponding dashboard.
    Please could you tell me how to integrate it ?

    Sorry, I have read how to import the demo XML file into the site.
    Just a question:
    Does the import file overwrite my existing site content or it just add the Tycoo content ?
    Thank you.


    thats all very strange, can you send us (info @ 7theme . net) the link to your website and the login, then we can take a look at it.


    Normally the demo content import doesn’t overwrite your existing content, but to be sure, export your existing content.

    Sorry but info @ 7theme . net is not a valid e-mail address.
    More precision please.

    OK message sent.
    Have you received my e-mail?
    Please acknowledge.


    thank you for the login. Unfortunately the theme isnt installed correct, that’s why the most of the functions dont work.

    Should we install the theme for you?

    Yes thank you.
    But this probably means that my download is incomplete.
    Please send me the correct zip file also.

    No, I’m sorry, the theme is complete and it’s working, you’ve uploaded the wrong folder. Have you uploaded the theme via FTP or have you used the WordPress theme uploader?

    However, at the moment in the wp-content/themes/ folder is the theme folder “Tycoo”, and inside this another folder called “Tycoo” with the theme files inside, this is one folder too much. Is the login still working? Then we can install it for you if you want…

    I had many problems to upload the theme package.
    I finally reload using the 7theme upload.
    Then I used FTP to upload in the site on theme directory.
    I will try to manage myself and I will let you know.
    Thank you.

    I managed successfully the theme via FTP.
    I am testing it and I found problems:
    1) Impossible to load image on favicon and logo, nothing selected,
    I will continue the tests.
    Thank you for your help.


    we’ve tested the theme with WordPress 4.0 (same WordPress version you are using), and there is no problem with the logo upload.

    There are some possibilities why it’s not working: the server settings disallow the upload, the .htaccess file disallow it, or, the most likely, one of the plugins you use prevent functions of the WordPress file upload process. I saw in the source code that you are using many plugins, also gallery plugins, I think they cause the problem with the upload.

    But, if it’s the only problem, you can also insert the url (http://example.com/logo.png) in the input field for the logo url and save the options, then it’s working.

    Thank you very much for your support and advice.
    I put an URL image manually and the logo is display, but I am surprised to see that the site title is not displayed anymore. It is replaced by the logo.
    Deactivating plugins doesn’t change anything.
    Same problem with yours others plugin Planco, Phantom.
    On Phantom it is not possible to delete the existing logo, still remain the preview logo. This possibility to delete the image parameter on logo exists on Tycoo and Planco theme.
    Why using the same server, same plugins it doesn’t work on Phantom ?
    Thank you for your help.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)

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