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  • Hi There,
    I have just Bought Dicommerce theme for my EDD shop.

    Looks really great with lots of features but I can’t find the most simple ones!

    Like in the shortcodes there is no “Featured Downloads” or “Top Sellers”

    Also I don’t see HOW to show the download page with all the movies!

    Before I used sitename/downloads but now it is not shown properly.

    I try to create a page and I see in the Custum Option/Group Templates there is the customisation I need, but HOW I insert all the downloads in the page?

    Please let me know ASAP

    Thanks YOu


    to show your products just create a page and choose the “Download Grid” template as page template.

    If you want to use a shortcode, you can use this one here:

    [download_grid columns="4" items="8"]

    But in this shortcode is no option for “Featured Download” or “Top Sellers”

    Thank You, works fine.

    However it is really bad that there is no “Top Seller” or “Featured”

    Do you have any idea how to overcome this?

    Hi Giovanni,

    maybe we can add this in a future update. I’m not sure, maybe you can find a plugin to sort the order of the query, there a thousands of great plugins out there…

    To be honest when I red you have so many shortcakes and I saw cheaper themes having it, I took for granted you have!

    I mean, you have short codes for basically anything, and not for the main features of EDD. It is incredible considering that yours is a dedicated theme to EDD!

    We checked more than 20 other premium themes for Easy Digital Downloads and there was never a shortcode for featured / most sold items. As I told you before, maybe we add this feature in one of the next updates, but if you need it right now, you should search another solution, because order the items is not the job of the theme

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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