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  • Hello,

    in the demo is no Pickup and Return location, i don’t know, how to this?


    Hi, what theme do you use?


    i have faircar, and i don’t know hot to make Pickup and Return location.
    In your demo site is New York.
    But in demo, what i download, is no Pickup and Return location


    Ok, can you please check this page:

    WP admin -> Reservation -> Settings -> Custom

    Can you tell me if there are fields for “Pickup” and “Return”?


    no, there are no fields. I don’t know how to do this?
    Can you find a video or demo for this?

    There is step 1 an step 2 in the car single page, how can i translate this?

    best regards

    Ok, then it looks like there was a problem while you’ve installed the theme. But it’s not a big problem, it’s very easy to solve.

    Please go to WordPress admin -> Reservation -> Settings -> Custom, there you can add the missing fields.

    Please take a look at these screenshots:

    1. Pick Up Station:


    2. Return Station:


    With “Step 1” and “Step 2” was a problem in the source code, we fixed it. In version 1.02 you can find the 2 words in the translation file. Version 1.02 is now available…


    how can i download the Version 1.02
    when I bought it (faircar), it was Unlimited website.
    I hope for me remains so, and not 249$ for Unlimited website.
    Please check this.

    Best regards

    In my Dashboard is “You have not purchased any downloads”
    how can change the version from version 1 to version 1.02


    the purchase was made with a guest account, that’s why it was not in your account. We’ve attached the theme now to your account.

    when I bought it (faircar), it was Unlimited website.

    The license was always for only 1 website. We made the 10 / unlimited websites package only because many clients asked for better licenses.


    when I bought it (faircar), it was Unlimited website, that’s why I bought it.
    I have made a mistake, I had to take a screenshot, when buying.
    Sorry, i want to have unlimited site version.

    Best regards

    I remember exactly, it was unlimited site / unlimited time version.
    Please understand it, otherwise I would not buy it.

    Best regards

    thanks for the attachment to my account!

    How to update from 1.0 to 1.02 ???



    the easiest way is to upload the theme with FTP and overwrite the existing files (no worry, it doesnt change your theme settings).

    For the license: we sold before the changes only license for one domain, always. So it’s no possible that you’ve bought another license. Can you contact our account management for the license? (license@7theme.net)

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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