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  • would you mind deleting my portfolio link/address from the post. I have to keep it confidential at this time.


    Done! 🙂

    I tried resetting permalinks and it still did not fix the problem. When I click the page 2 or next page at the bottom right, the previouslyrics uploaded images do not show up. If this can’t be resolved, this theme is useless..

    Okay, I’ve tried everything and STILL same thing! Clicking different categories in portfolio page and try to go to the next page from the bottom link. It just goes to all images instead of next set of images within that category. It does that for all category of images. I’ve uploaded 13 images under print and it only shows portion of that and previously uploaded images do not show up. Only thing I can think of is that this theme I purchased from you guys has issues! Can I exchange with the other similar themes you guys have that actually works with out bugs? Unless you can tell me how to fix this issue… 🙁


    I’m sure its not an issue with the theme, because all you’ve used to create the page with the problem was made with WordPress code (custom post types, pagination,…), so it have to be another problem.

    Can you please send us ( info @ 7theme . net ) the link to the website and a valid login, then we can check it for you and tell you what caused the problem.

    You mentioned I’m having this issue with images not all showing up and previously uploaded images not showing up when clicking he next page link on the bottom right button because I’m using portfolio as home page, but when I use the “full width slider” page as the home page and have the portfolio show up in the body, the theme STILL has the same issue! Not all images show up and there’s no next page button or link.

    You said that you will send me special template that will use portfolio as home page which doesn’t have this issue so I’m still waiting for the template from you, but in the mean time, can you try to set my site up with the proper home page and see if the next page link actually works and would show the previously uploaded images? As mentioned, I still think all the themes have bugs and is do not work properly when multiple images are uploaded to portfolio page. They do not all show up when many images are uploaded and the next page link do not work properly! If you can’t make this work, I want new set of themes that actually work properly! Thanks.

    Hi Techmanj,

    this has nothing do to with the theme. Unfortunately WordPress handle the pagination on the homepage with other url parameters (I wrote you this already).

    I think the page your are currently using has the shortcode portfolio, but this is a shortcode without pagination. As you can see in the shortcode there are settings for the number of items, just increase items=”9″ to items=”100″, this will solve the problem until we’ve made the special php file for you.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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