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  • Hi, I’ve purchased the Davinci theme and I’m trying to create a new portfolio entry. When I click the “Set featured image” link in the right margin it brings up the media library, but when I choose an image, it just goes back to the main portfolio screen and the thumbnail never appears in the right margin.

    Tried disabling all plugins, still doesn’t work.

    Tried searching the knowledgebase, found this similar issue reported on another theme:

    Featured image not working for Portfolio items within Wildlife Theme

    – but as I have the current updated version of the Davinci theme, not sure what else to do. Please help, thanks!


    we checked it and you are right, there was a problem. We made an update to fix it, the new version is 1.02 and you can download it now in your account. As soon you updated the theme it will work without any problem.

    Great guys, thanks! Now the only thing is, the workaround that you guys posted on the forum to allow a link on each thumbnail in the portfolio grid is no longer working. As indicated in this forum post:


    I replaced line 13 of the portfolio-entry.php file before I last emailed you. It was working before you guys just updated the theme, but now it does not. Please advise, thanks!


    ok, an update overwrites that, but you can repeat the file editing. As soon you changed the code again it will work as before.

    Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I performed the changes in the code again, but this time it is not working. I modified the parent theme portfolio-entry.php it didn’t work. I tried creating a separate portfolio-entry.php file in the child theme directory, also did not work. Please help, thanks!

    Ah, ok. Sounds like a caching problem, have you installed a caching plugin? Have you already tried to delete the browser cache and reload the page?

    Site caching is not activated. Already tried deleting browser cache, reloaded page, tried two different browsers, the problem still exists. Changing the code like you recommended worked fine before your latest theme update, now suddenly your workaround to allow links on the portfolio thumbnails in the grid layout (or any layout, I’ve tried the others) no longer works. Please double-check the code again and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Thanks!

    Hi, we checked it on our end with the new version, there is no problem, we can change the code and it’s working. Can you send us (info @ 7theme . net ) the link to your website and a login, then we can take a look at the problem and help you to solve it. Of course you can change your password later

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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