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  • There is a contact form that automatically appears on my contact page (even without a shortcode) and there is no way to access the form settings (adding fields, subject line, etc.) or it’s CSS. How do I disable the form so I can install my own contact form.



    have you choosen the “Contact Page” template for this page? Because on this template the default contact form is always activated. In this case please edit the page and choose the “Default Template” for the page

    Hi thanks, and sorry for the delayed response. My page is set to Default Template which makes this even more mysterious. Meanwhile, I dissected the function for the mail and Ajax file and was able to add the field that I needed to the form (I just needed a Phone Number field), so I kept the Contact Page form. Still, really problematic and touch to use the form without major tinkering. Now if I only could figure out why Cucina is not letting my external links open in a new page, going to repost as a new thread.


    sorry, but the contact form is only a simple one, of course when a user need a more extensive contact form it’s always better to use a plugin.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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