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    I have noticed that pictures from gallery visible on main page have special number like 4059 for example. I want to replace pictures from demo content to my own ones now. Where I can find a number of new added pictures to my media library ? Or maybe there is another way to do that ?

    Thank You

    Do you mean the gallery shortcode?

    This one?

    [gallery gallery_style="seamless" columns="4" ids="4029,4028,4026,4025,4075,4056,4054,4042"]

    Yes, I have smth like this:
    [gallery gallery_style="quickgallery" ids="2085,4049,4024,4033,4031,4038,4027,4035,4044,4067"]


    gallery gallery_style=”seamless” columns=”4″ ids=”4029,4028,4026,4025,4075,4056,4054,4042″]

    How to replace those demo pictures with my own pictures, from where get this 4 digits number ?


    Why don’t you use the WordPress gallery generator? Switch from “Text” to “Visual” on top right of the editor, then it is much easier for you. Otherwise you can go to WP admin -> Media and search the IDs of the images you want to use, but it is much much easier to use the gallery tool…

    I like the way it is done on your demo content. The only thing I need, is to replace your pictures to mine…

    In my Wp-admin folder, there is no Media directory, so once again please – from where I can get those id’s ?

    Thank You

    Trust me, you can use the gallery tool, also if you want to change only the images of the gallery, it’s not a problem and after 1 minute it’s done.

    I meant not the folder of the WordPress installation. Please go to the WordPress backend, the admin are, where you can edit posts and pages and install new plugins and themes. Please check the menu on the left, there is an entry for “Media”

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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