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  • Hi i have set all category ( in meal )in Cucina theme .
    i have set the menù and i have the list from the last one inserted to the first one.

    in order to decide ( according to category for example : pizza , special pizza , drinks , meals ) to separate the category and so the listi of item

    what u can suggest to select a Page in oder to see the menu according to this division ?

    exampe .one page of pizza menu / another page for pasta category and so on .

    ( all the category in meal setting)


    as u can see ( i have sent u my admin )
    15 category .
    i d like to have for each category a page . so i can manage for example a botton
    from the home page ( one bottom con each page )
    to go to the menu page with its only category .
    may we do this ?



    thats very easy, please read this post (it’s for portfolio post type, but works also for all other post types):

    How can I add a category to the menu

    ok so what i have done in the meal ?
    how can i connect with project ?
    so the meail category and portfolio project category ?
    how can i abbinate ?

    may aim is this :
    category ( in meal or portfolio ? )
    all the dishes and how can i see all different dishes in different pages?


    Go to WP admin -> Menus, then click the “Screen options” tab on top right, check all checkboxes, then take a look at the boxes on the left, open box “Category”, check the checkboxes for your Categories and click “Add to menu”, that’s all. Very easy. Don’t forget to save the menu!

    perfect… better..
    i m looking that The category will be seen like a grid
    may we set to see like the list?

    and than will be perfect

    for my aims



    sorry, the category pages are only available as grid templates. The only thing you can do is to set up new pages, one for each category, and add this shortcode

    [meal_simplelist category=”pizza”]

    (replace always pizza with the slug of your category)

    Then add the new pages with the shortcodes to your menu

    perfect thanks

    You’re welcome!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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