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  • All customizations you made in the theme options are saved in the database, an update of the theme files will not effect your settings in the theme options, and of course your content (pages, blog entries, slideshows, …) are also saved in the database.

    ok, thanks. So how can I actually update the theme? Can you please guide me or send a link? Sorry, I’m a bit lost here

    Ok, to update a theme in WordPress you need a FTP software, you can use this one:


    (It’s free).

    No add your FTP login for your website and login to your webserver. Search first for the folder “wp-content”, and then for “themes”, then the theme folder (normally it has the name of the theme). No choose the unzipped files from your computer and upload them into the theme folder, always overwriting the existing files.

    Ok, thanks

    You’re welcome!

    Hi, I just bought the theme ,this > http://7theme.net/downloads/zen-massage-salon-wordpress-theme , in the contact page ,how can I revise the contact form ? and I got a google API KEY , but the map still not show , I don’t know how to do ?

    can you help me ?


    my mail : jo773698@yahoo.com.hk

    First thing is to make sure that you set up your Google Maps API, please see this post here:

    Google Maps Shortcode doesn’t work anymore

    The contact form is not customizable, it is only a fast solution if you need a simple contact form. If you need a customizable form, you should use a plugin like “contact form 7”

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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