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  • Hi there!

    1. I’ve been trying to translate a contact form and wasn’t able to do so. I searched through all mo/po files, but couldn’t find it there.
    I basically need to translate Name/email/message/and a “GO!” button.
    Please tell me how can I manage that, so that I’ll have both, original and translated versions for both language versions of my site.

    2. I can’t find how to insert the featured properties and/or recent properties on the main page, as it’s shown in the original demo http://7theme.net/preview/?theme=Skyline

    Looking forward to your guidance


    what contact form do you mean? This one in the shortcode or in the single property page?

    For the “Featured” entries you can use this shortcode:

    [estate_featured_grid items="4" columns="4"]

    Hi,thanks for quick respond,
    I would like to translate both contact forms, the one which is currently set as a widget in the footer, and another one in a property page as well.

    Thanks for the shortcode! Could I make it a carousel or a clickable slideshow somehow?


    I’m sorry for the shortcode, it works only as grid, it is not possible to show it as slideshow. If you know how to use jQuery and HTML, you can try to add a jQuery carousel plugin.

    Contact Form: We will take a look at it, if there is a problem with the translation we will fix this as soon as possible. In the meantime (if you know how to make change in the WordPress files) you can take a look at the file “shortcodes.php” in the folder “7league/”, because for both (property page and widget) we used the contact shortcode. You’ll find this shortcode from line 914- 934, if you want you can add your translation there.

    Hi, thanks for this. Yes, I can change directly in the file, but if I do so, will it be translated for both language versions then? I mean, the contact form will be only in one language for both language ver. of the site, soon it’s not an .mo file,
    is that correct?


    no, I will not translate it in both languages. You can wait for the next update, thursday is scheduled the update for the theme to fix the translation problem, then you can translate the words in the language files and use it also with different languages

    Hi, alright, I can wait till then,
    so will it basically appear in the .mo/po files as well?

    Hi, yes, of course, then you are also able to use it with multilanguage plugins

    Update is available, new version is 1.13. If you want, you can upload and replace only the files “languages/sevenleague.po” and “sevenleague/shortcodes.php”, these are the files we changed

    Hi thanks for update,
    if I do this, won’t it remove all the already translated files? As I actually need to only translate the contact form,

    Have you translated the original file (sevenleague.po)? If yes, then you will loose your translation, because it is the original file. If you’ve done it the way that WordPress recommends then you will not have problems.

    no I only translated a ru_RU.po (.mo) file.
    Could you please provide me instructions how to upload and update only those files?
    And also could you please explain, how can I translate that (will there be a separate/new ru_RU.po (.mo) file?

    Ok, ru_RU.po is not part of the theme, so you can upload the complete updated theme and overwrite the exisiting files, this will not delete your translation file. I’m not sure how you made the ru_RU.po file, but I think you used a software like poedit, you should now update this file with this software you used to create the file.

    Ok, got it. You are right regarding poedit. But what I can’t clearly understand is how to get and upload an updated ver. of the theme? Sorry, could you please explain/or just send me the link? Sorry, I’m new in the world of wp,

    and how to avoid losses in customisation made?

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