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  • Theme Prestige – Luxury Real Estate

    I changed my header image and in demo there is a “black slider” with text:
    Luxury Real Estate

    Since I changed header image I cant find that “slider” to add my text, its just black with no text on my new header image.

    Where do I find it in wordpress??

    Any idea?


    the text over the image is the “caption” and “description” text for the image. Please edit your featured image, there you can add “caption” and “description” to your feature image


    Thanks to you, now THAT was really simple!! Was looking for days and didnt see the simplest solution =D Thanks 🙂

    Another question for this Theme “Prestige” in Real Estate, but dont know if this post is right here:

    Objects: when you click on one certain object/porperty, to look on pictures of that property, then you ll find all pictures in that slide show, unfortunately, if you click on one certain picture to see it “big” – its not colored anymore, its black and white. Why is that? In slide show its colored, but if you want to see the zoomed version in big, its black an white.
    What do I have to change in settings? And most important, WHERE in menue to change?
    I want all my pictures to be viewed in color.
    Thanks in advance.


    in the theme options is an option for that, please check WP admin -> Appearance -> Theme Options -> General -> Enable grayscale images, uncheck the checkbox to remove the grayscale image effect

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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