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  • Hello,

    Sorry for my english, Iam French. I buy the Lime103 theme and there’s a bug about the legend and description thumbnail. Impossible to add them, it doesn’t work at all, there is the term “undefined” at the place of the description.
    THere is what appear at the bottom of the thumbnail :
    <p style=”display: block;” class=”pp_description”>undefined</p>

    Could you help please to resolve this bug.

    Thanks a lot,

    Best regards


    Hi Nadège,

    thank you for the tip, we will take a look at it and solve the problem as soon as possible (update).

    Do you solve the problem??
    As I really need to solve the problem quickly as I need the thumbnail’s legend for my portfolio, and it’s really important for my job!

    Best regards,


    Hi, still working on it, but I think we upload the update today…

    We uploaded the new version (1.04) some minutes ago. Problem with “undefined” text is solved…


    Thanks for the solution.
    I have an other question : with the theme Lime103, can we integrate video in the label of the portfolio? If It’s possible, how can I do that please?

    Best regards


    Answered already in your new post…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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