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  • Hi

    We use some themes of you (Nico, Med Pack, Lotus).

    Now we wanted to add social networks on one of the websites.

    We found the following documentation:

    Where can I add social networks

    The problem is, that we do not have the entry “Theme Options” (and “Social Icons”) anymore.

    As I remember, a long time ago the entry “Theme Options” was there?

    Can you please help us?

    P.S. There is still an update missing for all our themes about the JQuery migrator problem.

    Thanks very much.

    Best regards

    Hi Mike,

    I’m sure what the problem is: you don’t have the full admin rights for your WordPress installation. Can you please check if you can see this link:

    WP admin -> Appearance -> Editor?

    If not, then you don’t have the full admin rights for your website, and that’s why you don’t see the theme options. Many hosting provider offers a modified WordPress version for their “one-click WordPress installation”. We recommend to use only the original WordPress from wordpress.org.


    We found the problem.

    The file editing in the WordPress dashboard was disabled by the plesk WordPress Tool for security reasons.

    When we enable it, it works.

    Do you already know, when you will fix the problem with the JQuery migrator problem?

    Thanks very much.

    We are working already on it. The problem was the 5.5.1 update. We made already updates for all our themes, then WordPress released version 5.5.1 and changed again the slug for jQuery in the admin area, so we had to update all our themes again. Great! At the moment we make the final tests and in 2-3 we start to upload the updates.



    Would you inform us, when the uploads will be uploaded?

    Thanks very much.

    Best regards

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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