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  • I bought the CA/BOOM theme. The promotion says it has more than 600 webfonts. Where are they and how do I use them. The editor simply lets me choose “Paragraph” “Heading 1″, Heading 2” etc.

    How do I access and use more fonts?


    thank you for the purchase. You can set the fonts in your WordPress admin -> Appearance -> Theme Options. The best is to choose a font for the general fonts (this is what the editor means with “Paragraph”) and the headlines. Click the “Body” tab in the theme options and then the “Typography” tab, here you can set the fonts for the normal text and one for each of the headlines (H1 – H6). If you want, you can choose the fonts for each of the sections (Header, Main, Footer), but we recommend to use at most two different fonts

    Thank you. One problem I have is that shortcodes like 1/2, or last 1/3 do not work with headlines. So the base font needs to be very versatile.


    are you sure they don’t work? We use always headlines in column shortcodes. If you want you can send me the URL with the problem, then I can take a look at the source code.

    I’ll set up a sample page and send you a link.

    Ok, great. Let me know if we can do something for you!

    I got some of my trouble to clear up by deleting and rebuilding the page. However, here is an example of a page were I tried align two blocks of text side by side using the [one_half] and [one_half_last] tags and the h4 font. The appear one after the other. http://www.emlyninteriors.com/test-page/

    Also – I assigned Icons to the menu using the Edit Page > Customer Options > Menu function. I would like to remove the icons. Is there a way to do that without rebuilding the page from scratch?

    There is no shortcode, I saw it in the source code. The complete div is missing, for the two elements. If you want, you can send me ( info @ 7theme . net ) the login for your website, than I can take a look at it.

    For the Icons: which version of the theme do you use currently?

    I am using Version 1.0 of the CaBoom theme.

    Ah, ok, we have fixed the icon problem in the Version 1.01 (You can download it on Mojo…). If you want, you can send us the login, the we install the update for you and take a look at the problem with the shortcode

    OK. Thanks. Where do I send the login?

    Send it to ” info @ 7theme . net ” please.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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