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Thank you for the answer.

I’m testing on a screen and I have some issues with the menu position and I can’t figure out how to replicate the demo pages (the Flip gallery) .

I’ve tried to follow the documentation with no success then I’ve imported the demo content. Apart from the top menu everything is good with the visualization of the demo content but I can’t replicate it on my own with my images.

I want to create a Flip Gallery has shown in the demo:
1. I create a Pictureset in the Allslider section then I upload the images I want for the slider (BTW: please could you make possible to upload multiple images or to use the media uploaded in the WP media library? It is terrible to upload one image at a time);
2. I create a page with the Gallery Flip template and set Slideshows Tab under “Custom Options” with Backgroundslider as Slider Type and my Pictureset as Slideshow Source.

As a result I have only the background but not the little preview on the right, also it doesn’t turn the pages with the wheel mouse but there are arrows on the right and ont the middle of the screen the waiting icon doesn’t disappear. (Image: http://i.imgur.com/XXYaQzo.png)

Can you also tell me how to remove the dotted pattern on the images? Thank you.