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First of all I want to thank you for all the assistance you have provided for my questions over the several posts I’ve made. It is very greatly appreciated!

Here is an update….

Item 1 – Worked perfectly! I may want to modify this further but for the time being this did what I needed it to.

Item 2 – Still need to take a look at this.

Item A – Worked perfectly! The errant “undefined” is now gone.

Item B – Worked perfectly! Menu is now centered

Item D – Worked perfectly! Map displays correctly.

Regarding Item C…

Right now I’m making modifications on a very local copy of the website (e.g. localhost using XAMPP) so there is no way to provide the link for you to look at currently. Not sure this is where the problem lies but I did a compare of the sample link you included in your previous post and my “For Sale” items display via “View Source” and found that for some reason my listings are displaying in a page-sidebar-right format and a portfolio-item-list-col2 and the sample link you provided is displaying as page-sidebar-no-sidebar and a portfolio-item-list-col3. See view source output further below. If there is an e-mail address I can send the information to, I have a PDF of the entire view source output from both.

If this is the issue, where is this format set so that I can correct how this displays. Again, I do not mind making manual adjustments to files if needed.

Under <!– taxonomy-estate –> there was a definite difference as follows:

From my For Sale listings

<!– taxonomy-estate –>
<div id=”page-sidebar-right”>
<div id=”content” class=”equal_height”>
<div class=”portfolio-itemlist-col2 group-itemlist-2 grid”>

From the sample link you provided

<!– taxonomy-estate –>
<div id=”page-sidebar-no-sidebar”>
<div id=”content” class=”equal_height”>
<div class=”portfolio-itemlist-col3 group-itemlist-3 grid”>

Your insight/guidance very greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks!