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With regard to item 1, I just want to remove the icons.

With regard to item 2, I’m aware there is no built in solution to adjust this, I actually would like to know where it is defined. I have no problem working within the code to make the needed changes. I always make a backup of the file before modifying so I can easily get back to a working state if needed.

A couple of more items/questions have arisen as a result of defining the design of the site…

a) When there multiple pictures in the property details page and I view them individually, I see text “undefined” directly under the photo (just above the Tweet and Facebook icons) in the pop-up. What is this and where can I provide the text to appear there. I’m making an assumption this is an area for the title or description of the picture. This happens for both featured image and additional images. For the featured image I even provided a Title, Caption, Alt Text and Description but none of these changed the “undefined” text.

b) Is there a way to center the main menu on the home page? I deleted a couple of menu itemss and as a result there is now blank space to the right of the remaining menu items. Is there a way to make the main menu appear centered on the page so it looks more balanced?

c) On the menu I have a main category Property Listings… I’ve created 2 sub-menu items (For Sale and For Lease). The properties that appear are selected based on categories For Sale and For Lease that I created under the Estate Type Object. I’m using the categories as sub-menu items when I define the menu. This works beautifully since only items For Sale or For Lease appear dependent upon what was selected when entering the property detail information. The question I have is…. Is there a way to set the grid for what displays when in the submenu items display? Right now only 2 properties appear per row when selecting a submenu to display, leaving white space to the right. I’d like to set it up so 3 properties appear per row so what displays appears more balanced. Keeping in mind that I’m using a category as the sub-menu item, not a page. I do not want to have to place properties in multiple locations to have them appear in the appropriate sub-menu which is why I’m using categorization instead. This way when when I need to make updates/changes to a property I only need to do it in one place.

d) Regarding maps for property details page. Some times I’ve had this work correctly and other times not. Sometimes I’ll put in the latitude and longitude and the map remains blank. Other than using Google maps (I have not gotten this to work correctly yet), is there a specific site you are aware of to get valid latitude and longitude (US addresses)? If I cannot get this to work consistently I may need to remove the map from the property detail page. Where would I do this if needed (which php file would I need to modify)?

Your insight/guidance is greatly appreciated!

Thanks Again!