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Want to give an update on item 2… As it turns out I must have typed something in wrong. I ended up doing a copy & paste from the earlier post and it worked perfectly! The logo is now centered.

A few additional design questions related to the Featured Properties grid….

1. I’m using the Featured Properties grid on the home page. What I want to do is remove the small icons that appear when you start selecting the property features (e.g. the bed, the shower head, the icon with the arrows that appear for square footage. Where would I find that code?

2. Also with regard to the Featured Properties grid… With a couple of design options in mind…

a) Is there a way to change the cell padding on the listing price box and the “More…” box so when you you hit 7+ digit list price, so it doesn’t expand the box size and cause the “More…” box to move underneath the price box. I would like both boxes to stay on a single line and not wrap.
b) Is there a way to display the listing price and the “More…” without the boxes at all?