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Thank you for the information provided!

1. Borders – worked perfectly!

2. Logo + Headertextpartially worked. Got rid of phone icon and telephone number. But logo is still left justified. Want to center it using the full width of the header. What additional CSS code would be needed to center the logo in the full width of the header?

3. Size, … Infotext – Didn’t try this yet. Will check this out once decision made on design of header.

4. Property details – This did more than I actually wanted. It removed the color address bar as well (which I wanted to keep). I backed up the original version of the estate_single_default.php file first and ended up removing the code that displayed. the text we did not want to display. I would have much rather have commented out, but commenting doesn’t seem to work to well with PHP although it is documented. I tried /* and */ around the code and they actually ended up displaying on the web page.

5. Colored Address Bar – I carefully modified the php code to put the address in the order needed.

6. Property in URL – This one I’ll need to review several times before even attempting to be sure I understand.

7. Property in Admin Menu – I actually found this on my own after I posted my questions to the forum. Currently Object remains Object. I’ve changed some of the sub-items as follows:
Estate Type is now Property Status
Estate Features is now Property Details
Countrys is now State
Kind is now Property Use Type