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Regarding the above post…

I just sent the source code for the 2 column vs 3 column using catagory in menu via the e-mail address provided above.

Regarding adding the object type “County”… Adding the code suggested to the functions.php file worked perfectly! I now have a county object type and can add this as a selection when adding new properties.

I’d also like the County to appear as a separate line item on the properties displayed using the Featured Properties and in my Property listings similar to the way State, City and “For Sale” displays. What would I need to add. I’ll begin looking at the code to see if I can determine this myself. I just did a view source on the home page so I have a starting point. I had already starting looking at the code so that I could change the order the state and city appear on Featured Properties and my Listings page so adding the county will tie in to this. Any guidance appreciated.

Once again, the assistance/guidance you have been providing is very greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks!
Denise Weiss