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Question 1: Can you send me the URL for your website, than I can have a look at it. But it seems you use a CSS gradient right?

Question 2: Update to IE 8. No, just a joke. We don’t control anymore the IE 7 while developing, because almost of the user don’t use this “Browser”. As soon as possible I while have a look at the theme in IE 7, maybe some small changes can solve the problems.

Question 3: The size is 500 * 500px, if you upload bigger images, WordPress will crop the images. You can try to resize the images and upload 500px x 500px images, then you have more controll. You can also change the images size in the team-entry.php file…

Question 4: Yes. Go to WordPress admin -> Appearance -> Theme Options -> General -> Generall settings -> Extra CSS Content and insert this:

navleft nav {

Let me know if you need our help.