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“On the last part, I don’t know which one I am trying to edit. This is how I setup the page. I went to team -> add new -> filled out the info and added a featured image. Then I went to Appearance -> Menus -> and created a Link to point to the team page that I had just created. I tried creating a page with assigning the team template but it did not display the way I wanted it to. I want people to be able to click Meet the Doctor on the menu and be taken straight to the page with his picture and his information but I would like the picture to be smaller.”

Ok, now I know what you mean. The picture is located in “single-team.php”. But the image is always 100% width to fit the container.

Add this to your style.css file

.single-team .index-item-img img

It should solve the problem.

For the IE7 issue I will test and search for a solution tomorrow.