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ul.main-menu > li {
display:inline-block !important;

Is still not working. I tried manually typing it in and copy and pasting it into the style.css but in IE7 it still distorts the layout of the menu.

Adding the word menu to the responsive layout worked, Thanks!

On the last part, I don’t know which one I am trying to edit. This is how I setup the page. I went to team -> add new -> filled out the info and added a featured image. Then I went to Appearance -> Menus -> and created a Link to point to the team page that I had just created. I tried creating a page with assigning the team template but it did not display the way I wanted it to. I want people to be able to click Meet the Doctor on the menu and be taken straight to the page with his picture and his information but I would like the picture to be smaller.