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1: I am using a gradient. The URL is wellness.compu-tracker.com

2. I am with you on the upgrade but I would like to tell my client that it works on IE7 and newer. The navigation is what I am most concerned about since it goes straight down instead of left to right. Thanks.

3. I looked at the team-entry.php, is this the line I would need to edit: $large_image_url = wp_get_attachment_image_src( get_post_thumbnail_id(), ‘default’);
If so, what would I change it to? Would I change default to something else?

4. I inserted the code and it didn’t change the way the navigation appears. I would like the navigation menu centered under the logo if that’s possible. Also, if I center the logo the navigation doesn’t have as much padding on it after that so I put in a <br> to space it a little better. Is there a better way to handle this? Is the logo too big?

Two other questions I have:
5. On the smart phone layout/template is there a way to have the top navigation for the site menu actually say menu instead of just being a black bar?

6. On the iPhone the Meet the Doctor page clumps the photo, the contacts box, and the text together. Is there a way we can handle the spacing better?

Thank you for all your help on this!! It’s greatly appreciated.