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I finished my site ( http://www.exclusivehouse.it/ ) but I need your help:

Go to page Luxury Property, i see 10 properties for page where is possible set 9 properties for page?

Use search home by “Seleziona Tipo Immobile” = Luxury Property
I have six properties for page and is ok but the map always displays a maximum of 5 properties.
if you look at page two, the same thing happens.

In the search engine is possible define father so they do not always come out all the options? in the object settings there is this voice but among the possibilities you alone those of the same object

For example:
Conutry: Italy and USA
City: New York and Rome

If i select Italy in first option i want so se only Rome and not NewYork beacuase the father of rome is italy.
Is Possible??

Tanks a lot for the support