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for the slideshows: Go to WordPress admin -> Appearance -> Allslider, create a pictureset and upload the images. Then, in the list at the bottom of the page choose the pictureset in the dropdown fields to the right of your images. Then go to the page you want to show the slider, edit it, below the editor is a box with settings, click the “Slideshow” tab, choose a slider, for example “cycle” and a slideshow source the pictureset you’ve created.

Translation: Do you want to translate the complete theme (hard way! )? If you only want to translate the labels for the input fields, you can open the “page-contact.php” file, go to the lines 102, 109 and 116 and translate the words. All labels are in a function like this:

< ?php _e('Email:','sevenleague'); ?>

Than change the Email into your language, for example:

< ?php _e('Messagio:','sevenleague'); ?>