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I have very similar questions on Gourmet:

1) If I add a meal category, then http://mysite/meal-tag/dinner/ does display a list of all the “dinner” meals, but it shows it in a grid. Is there any way to have that default to the simple list?

If not, is there any way that I can have a Menus-Dinners submenu open up to display the simple list of “dinner” meals without having to create its own page with the meal-simplelist shortcode? I have “lunch”, “dinner”, “breakfast” (etc) categories that I would like to each have their own menu item displaying in simple list and it would be great if I didn’t have to create a separate page for each of them.

2) I also wanted to show descriptions in the simple menu list, rather than ingredients. I tried replacing line 15 in meal-entry.php with ‘the_excerpt()’, but that didn’t seem to change anything. Where is ‘the_excerpt()’ pulling text from? Or do I need to replace something in a different file since I want to use the simple list?