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Please find below my comments.
Themes errors
I purchase several themes from 7Theme.
I am trying to implement these new themes on an existing site.


General Settings:

Customize WordPress:
Impossible to select and load any image on Custom Favicon and Custom Logo. The selected image field is still empty.

Overhead Section :

Backgroundcolor doesn’t work.

Header Section :

Backgroundcolor doesn’t work.

No parameters work.

Headline Section :
No parameters work.

Main section :
No parameters work.

Footer Section :
however the “Show this Section?” is activated no footer is displayed.

I stop here the list of problems.


Using the themes Planco or Phantom I don’t have such problems with the corresponding parameters, even also some of them doesn’t work.
Definitively the TYCOO theme doesn’t work on the same existing site and server.
Please could you investigate.
Thank you.