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I found the reason for the uploading image. The link option media Library should be set up to the URL image.
Now please find others problems I have:
1) Phantom reset favicon and logo image doesn’t work,
2) How it is possible to give one option for all the pages and post? For example how to get the header image or sidebar every time on all pages and/or post and to be able to disable it on demand on certain page or post?
3) Options : when selecting for example the slideshow type, it is not possible afterward to modifying it by asking “none”,
4) When no sidebar selected will it be possible to display the content full size?
5) The widget google maps location is wrong. The longitude and latitude doesn’t correspond. In addition I don’t know how to generate a page with the Maps function. Doesn’t work,
6) The contact widget on mail doesn’t take what it is mentioned on the parameter but automatically take by default the owner e-mail address,
7) I am not able to work with the testimonial, same for works etc…
Missing documentation and shortcode documentation to understand how to do.
Sorry but your documentation is weak.
Thank you for your help.