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Additionally, looked at the produced source code and i’m seeing that the div containing the Maps-content (div_id=”map_canvas_xxxxx”)is completely empty, no inner html. It just closes the div right after.

However when i’m coming from a page where I have a
-‘Search’ as a slider,
-then choose type, kind, country etc. and
-press Search.

The result comes with a working map and with a map_canvas div that actually has inner html. (div class=”gm-style=”)

The custom options are insinuating that I can select a source having 3(or 2) types of options:
– Empty line
– Allslider Sources: (greyed out)
(2 empty selectable blank lines)
-Map Slider Sources: (greyed out)
Home (black and selectable)

I guess the slideshow source is irrelevant for the Maps-slider right? Just for the image-type-sliders I guess? Tried it but even though but it doesn’t make any difference either.