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Ok, this code in the .htaccess files is no part of WordPress, but it’s exactly the problem. Please check the directory “wp-content” and “wp-content/themes” as well, because the theme needs some PHP files.

The Strong theme comes with a huge number of theme options, we cannot add all generated CSS code in the header of the website, that’s why we created the PHP files with the generated CSS code, many other themes do the same and with a normal hosting plan you can use it. If your hosting company make changes in the WordPress core, of course, it can create a problem…

Will an updated version be made available soon?

An update will change nothing because we need the PHP files. Just make sure that PHP files are not blocked in the theme folder, then there is no problem.

I know that WordPress is going to come out with a major revision soon and I don’t want to keep repairing my sites because of conflicts.

We update all our themes, if there is a problem with a new WordPress release we will fix it immediately