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I do appreciate your quick response, thanks in advance for taking a look into it.

It would be easier if I could share screenshot or could give you access to my wordpress.

1. I have created a main page with several different sessions, however they simple have different Top and Bottom margins and padding all along. I could not figure where the space is coming from. Not have I figured yet how to add spacing in between other elements (if I manually add space on html with <br> or &nbsp, it erases my changes as I switch back to visual).

2. Other than that, everytime I update the main page, it prompts an error “update failed”, and switchs all the visual representation into plain code. However, the page does get updated and it comes back to normal if I refresh the page. I couldn’t find what is causing, it is a bug which I have not figured how to fix it.

3. Last but not least, how do I stop the portfolio grid slider from auto rotating.

Look forward to hear from you.