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Found it, it does not address the issue

This works great (This page was created in the import/demo content – I added/changed image)

<a href="http://staging.lasvegasescortsbabes.com/person/samantha/" title="This works Great, Its built off a default person">http://staging.lasvegasescortsbabes.com/person/samantha/</a>

Trying to repeat on pages I created from “New Persons”

<a href="http://staging.lasvegasescortsbabes.com/person/andrea/" title="Slide show Heading"></a>

<a href="http://staging.lasvegasescortsbabes.com/person/shannon/" title="Slideshow Heading Not rendering"></a>

This was build of an existing Person > The ‘Attached Images’ wont remove, the page looks like hell

Also I cant scroll on this theme, I saw this was an issue in the forum, but the resolve wasnt there. I dont have the Script folder