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do you mean like on the front-page of our demo website?


If yes, please edit your front-page and remove the slideshow. Please take a look at the settings box below the editor (where you set also the slideshow), please choose the first tab ( “layout” ), there you can add a custom background, custom background color and header content ( the text in our demo website ). Here is what we added as content for “Custom content below header:”:

<h4 style="color:#fff; font-size:100px; line-height:100px; font-weight:100; margin-bottom:20px !important;">Hello & Welcome</h4>
<div class="h4" style="color:#fff; font-size:60px; line-height:60px; font-weight:100; margin-bottom:0 !important;">My name is Susan, i create beautiful <strong>websites</strong> and love <strong>photography</strong>.</div>