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Yes, I’m using the most recent version of WordPress. The shortcode generator isn’t working for me for the content options. It is working for at least some of the other options…

Thank you.

[Also, regarding the shortcodes list…like I mentioned above, when I’m in the theme options area there isn’t a shortcode generator. So in order to use shortcodes there I need to create a new page or post so that I can toggle the generator to see what the shortcode I need is. Then I copy this shortcode, go back to the theme options area, paste the shortcode in the field, then go back and delete the page/post I had to create for the sole purpose of finding the right shortcode. It’s a frustrating hassle. Of course now that I cannot use the generator at all and because there isn’t a list, I have to get really creative for accessing the shortcodes. That is all…]