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sorry for the trouble, we will check the problem with the shortcode generator.

I know that you don’t want to offer a shortcode list

That’s not the truth, we made the shortcode generator to make it easier to use the shortcodes. All our themes comes with different shortcodes, it is much easier to offer a shortcode generator as the list with shortcodes. Our first themes we made come with the list of shortcodes, then user told us it is not user-friendly, only thing they need is a shortcode generator, and that’s why we added the generator. I’ll talk to our developer team if we could find a way to offer a list with shortcodes for each theme, but I think we need some time for it, because as I told you before, each theme comes with different shortcodes.

For the shortcode generator we will check the problem, I think there is nothing we could not solve.